Science & Christianity

Notes from the Open forum at ADFA


Science doesn’t prove or disprove God.

They are saying different things about world, answering different questions…

Science is about mechanism – Christianity is about Purpose.

Science answers: “How?”- Christianity answers “Why?”

Science and Christianity are looking at the world from different points of view.


Science tells us lots about the world.

But it has limited application.

It doesn’t tell us about values, right or wrong, emotion, love, enjoyment.

Science can tell us how to make nuclear fission – but not whether to use  it for weapons or for  generating electricity?


Science Supports Christianity

The more we look at the universe the more designed it looks.

It’s not that God explains the things we don’t understand.

No. God is the designer of all of it.

The fundamental ‘Laws of Physics’ that define the universe.

That fact that maths works to define and predict physical properties.


That the universe is defined by mathematical equations.

That you can develop new equations that predict the behaviour of the physical world.

Then prove them by testing and evidence.

That they are so mathematically elegant.

E= mc2.

DNA is a four-character digital code.

Why should it be so?


So the evidence for the design of the universe can be read either way.

It could be random or accidental.

Or it could to point to a designer behind it all.

The designer hypothesis fits better with the evidence.

It gives more meaning to it all with a designer.


God & Meaning

The issue isn’t really science.

The issue is really God. Or no god.

God provides answers to the big questions of life.

Why are we here?

What is life all about?

What happens after we die?


OR consider the alternative.

NO meaning

NO purpose.

NO hope for eternity.


Science answers the question of mechanism.

You still need answers to the other questions:

Where do you get meaning in life?

Where do you get purpose in life?

What is your hope for eternity?





Christianity supports Science


Science assumes order and predictability in the universe.

It is a theistic assumption that the universe is ordered.

It is an assumption that an intelligible universe is made by an intelligent creator .

But why should it be so?

Why isn’t it random and chaotic?


What about Genesis?

If astrophysics says the  Universe is 13.73 Billion years old…

How does it fit with Genesis 1?

Genesis 1 is not science.

It is highly structured prose.

Not mandating a timescale.

Genesis is true – without being precise about mechanism or timescale.

Just like sunrise!

Genesis is saying very important things.

God made it.

The  world is good.

People are special- made in God’s image.

We are made for relationship with God and each other.

We are made to rule & care for the world.